About Ilene
  • I am a retired Yonkers special educator with over 30 years of experience and have served as a Committee on Special Education (CSE) chairperson for the Yonkers Board of Education. In addition, I wrote numerous IEPs and participated in many CSE meetings. I am a certified NYS teacher and highly qualified to teach special education from grades preK through 12, as well as general education at the elementary level. My experience includes teaching and advocating for children with a wide range of learning disabilities, ADHD, and psychiatric and language and communications disorders. I specialize in a teaching approach that uses all of the child's senses to enhance learning as well as individualized techniques to help children learn and cope with their learning issues. I also tutor children who are struggling with reading, literacy, and other elementary school subjects. I present workshops at the local level on a variety of topics related to Special Education. In addition, I am a consultant for the Fletcher's Place Reading Program, and have trained teachers and students in the use of the program in Yonkers, NYC, New Jersey, and Miami. Please call (845.267.6720) or e-mail me (info@prizeteacher.com) to arrange a free consultation to discuss your child's specialized needs.