• Parents turn to a consultant when they want to fight for their child's rights for a free and appropriate public education and need information or help to do so. As that consultant, I'll review the documentation relating to your child's education and prepare you for meetings with the school district.
  • Parents turn to an advocate when they want to break down barriers at the school district and safeguard their due process rights under the law. As that advocate, and knowing your child and your child's disability, I'll help facilitate the 504 or IEP process to help ensure your child is provided a meaningful educational benefit from the 504 plan or IEP.
  • Parents turn to tutors when their child is struggling or when the child wants to do better in school. A tutor usually meets with your child once or twice per week for one-to-one instruction. The tutor's firsthand knowledge of your child's unique learning needs will greatly enhance consulting or advocating on your child's behalf.