• Celeste H. says,

    "Mrs. Weiss worked with two of my sons (grades 1-5 and grade 2). She assessed each one and individualized the instruction to meet their different needs. She is creative and will try different ways of teaching a concept if one way isn't clicking for the student. She is very patient, calm and understanding--which is important for kids that are already stressed out from school. She cares and is a professional."

    Harris D. says,

    "Mrs. Weiss and I were colleagues in the Yonkers Public School system for 5 years. I was very impressed with her professionalism and advocacy for the needs of all students in our building. I was also fortunate to attend some workshops that she offered on topics of Special Education Intervention, IEPs and Reading Revolution. The materials she introduced to me were timely, practical and relevant to the students in my charge. I consider her to be an outstanding educator who has much to offer."